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Leaders In Nanofiber
Product Development
& Manufacture

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Turning Your Nanofiber Concepts Into A Commercial Success


Our IP Becomes Your Competitive Edge

SNC's patented high-throughput nanofiber production platform delivers mass volumes

High throughput leads to lower costs

From as little as $2.50/g*

*Formulation Dependent


SNC Nanofiber Product Development.jpg

Product Development

Shorten your time to market with our rapid product development solutions





R&D Division Established

Dedicated In-House Scientists

Years Of Combined Nanofiber Experience

TIME Magazine Top 100 Inventions (2019)

SNC Nanofiber - Ready For Market Materials.jpg

Ready For Market

Purchase ready for market (RFM) materials to accelerate your success

Ready For Market Electrospun Nanofibers - Natural Polymers - SNC

Natural Polymers

Ready For Market Electrospun Nanofibers - Synthetic Polymers - SNC

Synthetic Polymers

Ready For Market Electrospun Nanofibers - Bio-materials - SNC


Electrospun Nanofiber - Contract Manufacturing - SNC.jpg

Contract Manufacturing

Outsource your manufacturing to a specialist with the scale, credentials and quality that your product needs

<6 wks

120 cm

50 yrs

5 kg

order fulfiment*

max mat width*

combined manufacturing experience

max output/day*

*Formula Dependent

Electrospun Nanofiber Production Applications in Industry - SNC.jpg


Harness the potential of nanofibers in your industry

Biomedical & Healthcare

Packaging & Biodegradable Materials

Automotive & Transportation

Filtration Separation

Cellular Agriculture

Energy & Environment

Textiles Apparel

Electronics & Sensors



Aerospace & Defence

Construction & Infrastructure

Nanofiber Production Quality Assurance ISO - SNC.jpg

Quality Assurance

Rely on SNC to develop and manufacture your products in accordance with best international practices and standards

Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company - SNC - ISO9001


Quality Management System

Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company - SNC - ISO13485


Good Manufacturing Processes for Medical Devices

Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company - SNC - ISO22716


Good Manufacturing Processes for Cosmetics

What Our Clients Say

SKOON Skincare - SNC Nanofiber Success Stories

"SKOON.’s experience working with the Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company has been nothing short of exceptional.

We are grateful for their enthusiastic collaboration, scientific contributions, reliable manufacturing of nanofiber skincare products, and their willingness to evolve and explore new possibilities. We highly recommend SNC as a valuable partner in scientific research and nanofiber product development within the skincare industry."

Thandi Mbulaheni, CEO


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