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The SNC BEST® (Ball ElectroSpinning Technology) is our patented high-throughput nanofiber production platform.

SNC Ball Electro Spinning (close-up) - BEST





Unlike traditional needle electrospinning where the number of jets is limited by the number of installed needles, the free-surface spinning nature of SNC BEST® allows jets to self-arrange and self-optimize, drastically increasing throughput.


Advantages vs. Needle Electrospinning

SNC BEST® offers several advantages over needle electrospinning:

No Needle Requirement:

Needles are prone to clogging, inconsistent flow, and limited control over fiber properties. SNC BEST® eliminates these problems by directly ejecting the polymer solution through a free liquid surface.

Simplified Setup:

Enhanced Process Control:

Higher Production Rates:

SNC BEST® allows easy control over various process parameters such as flow rate and electric field strength, resulting in more precise control over fiber properties like diameter, alignment, and morphology.

SNC BEST® allows the jets to self-arrange and self-optimize, enabling faster polymer jet acceleration and increased fiber production

Versatility in Substrate Selection:

Since there is no needle involved, SNC BEST® allows for a wider range of collectors to be used, including non-conductive materials such as foils, papers, fabrics, or even rotating drum for diverse applications.

SNC BEST® has a much simpler setup than needle electrospinning systems which translates into easier experimentation and scalability.

Reduced Risk of Contamination:

Needle electrospinning systems may introduce impurities or metal ions into the polymer solution, which can affect the properties of the resulting fibers. SNC BEST® mitigates this concern, making it suitable for applications where purity is critical.

Electrospinning Nanofiber using Ball Electro-Spinning with SNC's pilot machine

Ball Electrospinning in Action

Incorporating SNC BEST® (Ball ElectroSpinning Technology) within a multi-ball manufacturing machine allows for incredible production capability and scalability. The result? 100's of meters of nanofiber per day, with tailored nanofiber characteristics and ISO certified quality standards.

See more in the videos below:

BEST® Close-Up View

BEST® In One of Our Machines

Ball Electrospinning Nanofibers - SNC Machine


The high productivity of SNC BEST® enables cost-effective, commercial scale manufacture of nanofiber materials.

Needle Electrospinning


 We are able to rapidly manufacture a large variety of nanofiber materials at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time, enabling commercially viable nanofiber products.

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Do you want to know more about SNC BEST® and how our technology provides you with a competitive edge in the nanofiber market?

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