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Energy & Environment

Enhance performance, energy efficiency and sustainability



Electrospun PCL nanofibers 20k magnification

Nanofibers In Energy

Nanofibers offer diverse advantages in energy applications, including increased efficiency, improved performance, enhanced sustainability, and expanded functionality.

Their utilization holds promise for advancing energy technologies, promoting renewable energy adoption, and facilitating the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy landscape.


Batteries & Energy Storage

Fuel Cells

Nanofiber Solar Cell Applications
Solar Cells

Solar Cells

Nanofibers are used in the development of more efficient solar cells. By incorporating nanofibers into the active layer of solar cells, the light absorption capacity can be enhanced. Nanofibers with high surface area and light-trapping properties allow for better absorption of sunlight, leading to improved energy conversion efficiency.

Nanofiber Battery Applications
Batteries & Energy Storag

Batteries and Energy Storage

Nanofibers are utilized in the fabrication of electrodes for batteries and energy storage devices. They can serve as a scaffold or a conductive matrix for active materials, improving the electrochemical performance of batteries. Nanofibers with large surface area and porosity can enhance ion transport, increase energy storage capacity, and improve the cycling stability of batteries.

Nanofiber Fuel Cell Applications
Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Nanofibers find applications in fuel cells, specifically in the production of electrode materials. They can be used as a support structure for catalysts, promoting their dispersion and increasing the active surface area. This allows for improved electrochemical reactions and overall performance of fuel cells.

Nanofiber Energy Conversion Applications
Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion and Harvesting

Convert waste heat or mechanical vibrations into electrical energy using nanofiber textiles

Energy Efficiency
Nanofiber Energy Efficiency Applications

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Improve the thermal insulation properties with nanofibers to reduce heat transfer and improving energy efficiencies in your building or industrial process

Nanofiber Hydrogen Storage Applications
Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen Storage

Enhance the efficiency of hydrogen adsorption and desorption with nanofibers for safe and compact storage in your hydrogen fuel cell

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