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Contract Manufacturing

Electrospun Nanofiber - Contract Manufacturing - SNC


Do you have a unique or complex formulation?

The versatility of SNC BEST® allows us to spin a wide range of materials and blends

Natural Polymers

Synthetic Polymers




Gelatin, Collagen, Pullulan, Sodium Hyaluronate, Dextran, Zein

PAN, PVP, PVA, PVDF, PVOH, Polyurethane, PEO, Cellulose Acetate, Nylon


Nanoparticles, Cosmetic Actives, Oils, Dyes, Pharmaceutical Actives, Peptides

Combinations of various polymers and actives

SNC Nanofiber - Ready For Market Materials


Whatever your application, we can deliver a format that meets your requirements

Nanofiber manufacturer - nanofiber sheets


Layered Electrospun Nanofiber - Nanofiber Manufacturer


Nanofiber manufacturer - Nanofiber Rolls


Electrospun Nanofiber Slurry - Nanofiber Manufacturer


Nanofiber manufacturer - Custom Shape Face Mask

Custom Shapes

Electrospun Nanofiber 3D Shapes - Nanofiber Producer


Electrospun Nanofiber Production Applications in Industry - SNC


Nanofiber Diameter - Electrospun Nanofiber Producer
Nanofiber Planar Density - Electro spun Nanofiber Producer

Fiber diameter

Planar density

Nanofiber Fiber Alignment - Electro spun Nano Fiber Producer

Fiber alignment

Nanofiber Bioburden Testing - Electro Spun Nano Fiber Producer


Nanofiber Antioxidants - Electrospun Nanofiber Manufacturer

Antioxidant activity

(DPPH assay)

Does your application require a unique fiber morphology?

With SNC BEST®, we can tweak parameters to deliver the physical properties to meet your requirements

SNC Nanofiber Electrospinning Company

Our Contract Manufacturing Process

SNC collaborates with you to define your product requirements, specifications, and quality standards. If your product is still early in it's development lifecycle, SNC can support your product development [link to PD]

Requirements Specification

SNC checks that the product requirements can be met (technical feasibility) and provides proof-of-concept samples for your evaluation

Capability Assessment

SNC provides a supply proposal, which includes a cost estimation, production capacity, MOQ and supply terms for your review

Cost Estimation & Proposal

SNC tweaks it's production parameters to deliver a product that meets your design and capacity requirements for your review and approval

Prototyping & Validation

SNC designs and engineers the production line to meet your capacity requirements, and provides all production and quality specifications for your approval

Industrialization (Production & Quality Validation)

SNC either sources and procures the raw materials for production, or works with client-supplied (i.e. proprietary) materials

Material Procurement

Throughout the above process, SNC provides regular updates on your project's progress, and proactively solves any problems to ensure all your queries are addressed with urgency

Ongoing Communication & Support

SNC is committed to building a long term relationship with you to achieve mutual success, and collaborate with you on continuous improvement initiatives that lead to cost savings or product improvements

Continuous Improvement / Long-term Partnership

Nano Fiber Electro Spinning - SNC

What We Bring To Partnerships

Production Capacity and Scalability

SNC's patented high-throughput nanofiber production platform delivers unrivaled mass volume capacity, which can be easily scaled for the most ambitious sales volumes - more about our technology

Quality Assurance

SNC complies with the relevant industry regulations and standards, and maintains a QMS in compliance with ISO9001, ISO22716 and ISO13585, thereby ensuring that high-quality products are consistently produced - more about our quality

Technical Expertise

To create leading edge, innovative products, you need a partner with the necessary technical know-how. At SNC, our technical team of nanofber specialists (with over 50 years of combined experience) oversees the manufacturing activities, and is supported by a dedicated and experienced quality control and engineering team - more about our team


High throughput and volumes translate directly into lower costs. Capatalize on SNC's patented high-throughput technology to make your product a commercial success - more about our technology

Timely Delivery

SNC recognizes the importance of on-time delivery, and therefore assigns a dedicated Project/Delivery Manager to your project to ensure efficient production planning, scheduling, and effective supply chain management - more about our team

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection

Your intellectual property is safe with us. SNC maintains strict confidentiality protocols over your product designs, proprietary information, and trade secrets - more about quality and compliance

Pullulan_5000x Magnification

Success Stories

PU Nanofiber Material - 6500x magnification

Wound Care

Developed and manufactured by SNC for Southern Medical / Melcura (South Africa)

Nanotrix is a primary wound dressing consisting of a blend of two fiber types (spun from different SNC BEST™ sources onto the same collector).

Product Status

Nanotrix® has been commercially available in South Africa since mid-2016.

It has received strong support from key opinion leaders in burn wound treatment and is used at various hospitals in South Africa, including the Red Cross Children’s Hospital (Burns Unit) in Cape Town.

Nanotrix Nanofiber Product in Packaging
Blended Nanofiber Dressing for Nanotrix Wound Care Product

Blended Fiber Dressing

Developed and manufactured for:

Southern Medical Logo
Melcura Logo
Nanotrix Nanofiber Wound Dressing Burnt Hand Recovery

Complete epithelisation within 17 days

PLGA_300x - 35%.jpg

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Let us transform your ideas into a commercial success!

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