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Ready For Market

Click on any of our RFM nanofiber materials below to explore more details - including costs, MOQs, lead-times and more!

Synthetic Polymers

PAN Nano fiber Material 300x Magnification
PU Electrospun Nanofiber Material 500x Magnification
PVDF Electrospun Nanofiber Material 12000x Magnification

Natural Polymers

Pullulan nanofiber - 5000x Magnification
Gelatin Nanofibre material - 20000x magnification


Carbon Nanofiber - 30%.jpg

Carbon Nanofiber

Off the shelf Nanofiber Materials At Scale - SNC

Get In Touch

We have various unlisted RFM materials - If you can't find what you're seeking, please reach out to us as we may have a solution for you!

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