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Electrospinning Nanofiber - Industry Applications

Nanofibers are reshaping industries and unlocking new possibilities.

SNC's advanced technology and expertise enable us to create innovative solutions that enhance performance, efficiency, and sustainability across a wide range of sectors.

Learn more about how electrospun nanofibers innovations are unlocking potential in the industries below.

Filtration & Separation

Improving filtration versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Energy and Environment

Powering the future by improving performance, energy efficiency and sustainability

Electronics and Sensors

Empowering electronics by improving conductivity, efficiency and flexibility

Biomedical & Healthcare

Enhancing healthcare & patient outcomes with innovative nanofiber solutions



Textiles and Apparel

Cellular Agriculture

Growing the agriculture industry by enhancing crop yield, soil health and sustainable farming practices.

Unveiling the beauty of innovation in the cosmetic industry and elevating skincare to new heights

Weaving a revolution in textiles by enhancing comfort, performance, and sustainability

Cultivating a sustainable future of cellular agriculture by redefining food production

Automotive & Transportation

Aerospace & Defence

Construction & Infrastructure

Packaging & Biodegradable materials

Driving automotive innovation with enhanced performance, efficiency, and lightweight design

Propelling the aerospace industry to new heights with lightweight strength and advanced material properties

Building the future of construction and infrastructure with strength, durability, and sustainable solutions

Redefining packaging excellence with lightweight strength, barrier protection, and sustainable solutions

Want to learn more about nanofiber applications in industries?

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