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Nanofibers in Hydrogen Storage

Enhance the efficiency of hydrogen adsorption and desorption with nanofibers for safe and compact storage in your hydrogen fuel cell


Hydrogen Storage


Electrospun nanofiber hydrogen storage applications

Why are nanofibers used in hydrogen storage?

Nanofibers are being explored as a potential solution for hydrogen storage, which is a critical component in the development of hydrogen-based energy systems. Hydrogen has tremendous potential as a clean and renewable energy source, but its storage poses challenges due to its low density and high diffusivity. Nanofibers offer unique properties that can address these challenges and improve hydrogen storage capabilities.

Compatibility with Catalysts

Nanofiber hydrogen storage - compatibility with catalysts

Nanofibers can be integrated with catalysts that facilitate hydrogen storage and release. The high surface area of nanofibers provides ample sites for catalyst deposition, enhancing the efficiency of hydrogen storage reactions.

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