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Nanofibers in Energy Conversion & Harvesting

Convert waste heat or mechanical vibrations into electrical energy using nanofiber textiles


Energy Conversion


Electrospun nanofiber energy conversion and harvesting applications

Why are nanofibers used in energy conversion & harvesting?

Nanofibers have emerged as a valuable tool in the field of energy conversion and harvesting, offering unique properties that can enhance the efficiency and performance of various energy systems. These ultrafine fibers, typically ranging from tens to hundreds of nanometers in diameter, provide opportunities for improving energy conversion, storage, and harvesting processes.

Flexible and Versatile Integration

Electrospun nanofiber energy conversion and harvesting materials - flexible and versatile integration properties

Nanofibers can be flexible, lightweight, and easily integrated into various device architectures. Their compatibility with different substrates and materials enables their incorporation into flexible and wearable energy harvesting devices, expanding their range of applications.

Durable and Stable

Nanofiber energy harvesting materials - durability and stability

Certain nanofiber materials exhibit high durability and stability, even under harsh environmental conditions. This property ensures the long-term performance and efficiency of energy conversion and harvesting devices.

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